i seem to not be able to stop reading about the “new” web. while i am still trying to get news and information about web2.0 and being excited about this “WebOS” and the web becoming the main application platform for users these days, i have found another terminology today (maybe for a lot nothing new, for me something new to research): semantic web or …1…2…yeah web3.0

Tim Berners-Lee describes the idea in his semantic web road map article and says clearly that the problem is still that “the web is designed for human cunsumption” but “the structure of the data is not evident to a robot browsing the web“. So the idea of the semantic web clearly tries to “solve this problem by developing languages for expressing information in a machine processable form“.

if you need examples and maybe a bit “easier” article to read, the bbc article “Smart sites to power semantic web” might belp you.

create your social network website

while i was trying to help answering a friend’s question “how to create your own website without any kind of programming knowledge”, i found an interesting article on news.com: this article introduces ning: i guess ning is supposed to take a different approach to customize social networking sites using web2.0 technologies.

check out their website if you are sick of using a myspace profile if you want your “own myspace”

confusion with coldfusion

seriously, i don’t know why some people decided to use coldfusion 4.5: right now, i have to understand and enhance somebody’s coldfusion code to make it work for the company i work for. while trying to do that, i realize that most of the functions that i need now to speed up the code, are not available for version 4.5

is there anybody who has a good resource for coldfusion 4.5?

moving forward to more futuristic methods/technologies:
i found a nice one-chapter example of the new series by o’reilly: head rush AJAX.
I really like the style how this serie of books presents its content to the readers: easy, funny and nice to read and understand. I am really thinking of buying it.
Another one I am reading/using is this one:  head first design patterns.

another web 2.0 report

i am just fascinated by all the good articles i have lately found on german websites about web2.0. It is interesting reading this german o’reilly article about web 2.0 which was taken from  a master thesis. it once again talks about all the big web 2.0 services, explaining how and what ajax is, and so forth.

just right before the web 2.0 conference in san francisco, also o’reilly radar released another web 2.0 report. it takes a critical look at how release cycles for web services can change based on their hypes. and shows advantages and disadvantages of releasing earlier.

online socializing

once again i feel that i can relate to my german roots and also agree with germans regarding the linked article about myspace aiming for a global audience in the new york times. in america myspace is the online “in-place”, whereas germany, as i expected, does not like the design and thus feels more annoyed than fascinate by this online sozializing tool and continue using their cellphones to communicate quickly with theirs friends.

“People here think the design is bad,” […] “and that is important for Germans.”

nice :)

It is true though, I really don’t think myspace is a place where professional musicians or artists show their best and their quality by putting up a weird page with funny backgrounds with endless loading time. to me, this is more a turn off than a turn on.

My favourite still, if socializing tool, then: friendster.com


i have to admit: after a long time of trying, i think i finally got it right in my head: the mysteries about oop: i never got it during my computer science program in university neither at my first job.

besides just learing oop patterns with asp.net, i read a good and short article about oop with php ( i want to get started with that soon) which both helped me to develop better understanding in object oriented programming.

let’s see how much more i can learn….